Unlimited Deliveries
No Third Party Comissions

Save money, time, and maintain peace of mind.

All while still allowing you to provide the same or even greater level of delivery service to your customers.

It makes ZERO sense to pay anything more than 0% commissions on in-house orders

With G!|Delivered pay for delivery only, and eliminate all third party delivery commission fees. Take advantage of predictable flat-rate pricing. That allows you to maintain control of your cost. Offer delivery on your terms, accommodate your customers to the extent that you wish.

  • No scheduling needed
  • No driver management
  • No callout
  • No payroll
  • How it works

    Instead of dealing with any delivery service management, you just make your food and request a driver. We provide you with a simple system to coordinate delivery fulfillment as needed.


    You receive an order form one of your customers or portal partners


    Automatically or manually Dispatch order to GNGE


    We pick up, deliver, and take lead on customer service.

    Full-Service Delivery Operations.

    • Fulfillment of both in-house and 3rd party orders.

    • Delivery administration

    • Order Management.

    • Commission-free & On-demand

    Maintain full control over expenses

    Take advantage of the only locally based on-demand service that allows you to have full flexibility and control with your delivery fees. Something that traditional third party delivery portals don’t or can’t offer. With a service priced lower than offering delivery in-house, you can decide to offer free delivery, or charge a fee to your customers and offset your costs.

    There’s always a human on the other end

    What we do is coordinate the effective delivery of your orders with professional customer service oriented delivery facilitators using technology. And we quarterback your customer service efforts using humans. You always have assistance and access to our flesh and blood order support and dispatch team members. These individuals pay attention to the nuances that technology will miss, and customers appreciate.

    Own the guest relationship

    Your orders, your customers, a fact that should not be taken lightly. Capture, maintain and leverage your customer’s data in any way you see fit. GNGE always shares your customers' data with you. 

    Customers spend almost 30% more when they get to order directly from the restaurant, so we make sure that you can continue to make that happen, all while getting to keep more of your profits. 

    We accept cash & card in person, from customers

    Over 40% of delivery orders are paid with cash and another 10% with credit cards in person. We are the only service that allows for cash to be collected on your behalf. The first and currently only cash payment processor for deliveries.

    Before the pandemic cash payment reached as high as 70%.

    + Unlimited Deliveries
    + Dynamic Driver Team Access
    + Quick Response Time
    + Detailed Reports
    + Customer Service oriented

    Your customer satisfaction is our satisfaction!

    We have a vested interest in the satisfaction of your customers and your ability to accommodate their needs.

    That’s why not only will we attempt to quarterback any apparent customer service issues, but we'll also make sure to communicate customer feedback allowing you to act on customer needs efficiently and effectively.
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    Satisfied Delivery customers
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    Successfully Delivered Orders

    Affordable Delivery admin programs

    As our driver team grows, so does yours, but your cost stays the same. No need to beg staff to come in when it's surprisingly busy or send staff home when it's surprisingly slow. Maintain consistency by always being able to offer delivery, allowing you to keep your customers and keep them happy.


    Get help kickstarting new delivery or as a backup for existing delivery operations. Giving you the opportunity to maintain service consistency, all while building your volume. From there move to a more accomodating program or bring delivery management in-house.

    Local favorite

    The logical decision for forward-thinking business owners that want to increase sales with delivery by lowering admin operations cost.

    Be more efficient, reduce cost and expand your delivery radius.

    Household Name

    Best for businesses that currently promote and offer delivery. This business wants to decrease the exposure from delivery operations while reducing their costs, take advantage of supplemental revenue and capitalize on catering options.


    Ideal for well established & high volume outlets currently promoting and offering both delivery and takeout. These businesses want to remove the responsibilities of delivery all together.

    What G!|Delivered is NOT.

    This service is not a marketing channel and shouldn’t have the expectations of generating new sales or customer leads on it’s own. G!|Delivered is strictly for facilitating your existing deliveries, supplementing your current efforts, or kickstarting your new delivery operations. G!|Delivered is most effective when integrated with and in support of all your marketing initiatives. We have other products and services that can enhance your marketing efforts, that work seamlessly with this delivery and customer service product, such as G!|Promoted and G!|Ordered.